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Telugu Puli
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Postby TelanganaStatesman » March 27th, 2007, 12:33 pm

Probably whatever123 is hinting something.. lets make the things clear

I am requesting you all to go through the posts by the following members

1. TelanganaStatesman
Potentially troublesome member, sometimes his remarks on other region people creates problems, recent attitude change made him more vulnerable, Keep an eye on his posts
2. whatever123
Search for content in his post, leaving hatred.. I bet you 'll found nothing.. Probably hatred monger and not fit for pleasant/knowledgable discussions
3. Statesman
Contributed a lot to this forum, by collecting news from various channels.. Use him as a news collector.. dont allow him to comment on that .. Otherwise he 'll spread hatred on every thing Other than his city, Other than his caste, other than his region, other than his profession.. what not .. I believe he hates every thing except himself and related items to himself
4. Ved
Probably he cooled down a bit and not commenting on anything unnecessarily.. Probably you can see his posts in the month of December and January posts .. you'll know the difference

Let us all know your unbiased opinions on all the members.. and let us make it clear that who are the troublesome members and who's posts doesn't contain anything except hatred.. If at all needed who's contribution is not required for this forum..

Note: I admit myself that I posted some of the filthy/hatred posts in recent past, you need to see the reasons for this also.. hope you understand it

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Postby KingTelugu » March 28th, 2007, 5:43 am

Whatever123 and Ved are the 2 people this forum can do without. Whatever is a compulsive abuser and adds no value like Ved who has no substance in his posts and only indulges in playing mental games.

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Re: User Geek banned

Postby KingTelugu » March 28th, 2007, 5:47 am

prasadbbabu wrote:
webgeek wrote:1) Sorry to tell you all that the user Geek was banned from the board. The ban was made necessary for his repeated unfair comments on moderators of the board.

Moderators are people who put the topics of discussion on focus and ensure that no user of the discussion board is being offended because of comments by other members.

2) It hard to take the decision of ban on Geek, particularly, he having made lots of useful posts on Telangana and many other topics.[/quote]

It is news to me. Though there are about 50 posting notifications in my mailbox during past one week, I visited the site hardly and might have posted couple of new ones, due to other commitments didn't have time to follow through new postings. Thus, mostly, I may be missing things of what happened during the past week. However, I do remember a week or week+ ago coming across a posting where couple or several users involved in a posting and might have recommended to delete such a posting, if so decided.
Out of those 50 posting notifications in the mail box, I come across this notification thread, when I saw the name of "Geek" whom I know on this board more than any one else and his contribution on this site.
Perhaps when I go through those 50 or so posting notifications, one by one, in the coming weeks (as tied up with other obligations now) I may understand what might have happened or what might have caused to such a ban. If I find enough information, reasoning, and or justification I will file appropriate appeal on behalf of "Geek" at that time.

Geek was a thorn in the flesh of Ved, i remember once Ved alleged that there was some abuse in Geek's post. When Geek posted it on the forum asking to identify the abuse none of them had an answer, well probably this board has a special definition for abuse or this could be an excuse to eliminate a user from this place.

Telugu Veera
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Postby ved » March 28th, 2007, 7:23 am

Banning a user is done as an absolute last resort. For example we could have banned you when you posted filthy posts as user wherever123. But by banning wherever123 we thought we’ve sent enough message. We stick to our philosophy of free editorial as much as possible even at the expense of continuing the abusive user. Our record is quite clear. To me a filthy member with a filthy post punished himself lot more than what a ban can do. Besides our board is matured enough to handle and ignore abusive users. However we don’t hesitate to moderate the message or ban the member when the barking exceeds a limit and starts suffocating any discussion. When you think about our tolerance, please remember the tolerance of Krishna towards Sishupal and the rest of the story. We know all the filthy messages are coming from same ip address from same city and same isp. We are aware of the historical pattern and different member ids that we banned so far from this ip. So please stick to substantial issues and meaningful debate.

Finally I request members to note this thread is for admins to communicate banned users. If you have any issues please communicate with the Admins.

Thanks for your cooperation.

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