Set back for AP - No IIT

Highlights of 2004
Telugu Teja
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Set back for AP - No IIT

Postby Dasari » November 27th, 2004, 6:23 am

According to the latest News from Center, AP will not get IIT and they categorically rejected the idea of IIT at Basara. No doubt, so many Andhrites will be disappointed and feel let down by the Congress party. So many NRIs came forward to bear some of the cost and State Govt promised to pay another Rs 400 crores. So it is not definitely the cost factor.

I don't know what the Congress Govt thinks about AP. Time and again they mistreat the State and take it for granted. If not for AP, they would not have come to power. After elections I thought AP will be in the centre stage with large contingent of MPs from our State.

It is no brainer considering the percentage of students from AP that we should get an IIT. It is not like they haven't expanded the IIT from the original five. It is sheer negligence and mistreatment of AP. The last Railway budget itself gave the mindset of this Govt towards AP.

I sincerely urge all state MPs to unite and send appropriate message to the Center. This is devastating.

Telugu Teja
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Set back for AP - No IIT

Postby sivego » November 27th, 2004, 10:03 am

The reason for out right rejection may be the location keeping in view of REC warangal experiance. Congress government must try to get the same in andhra region where there is abundent resources and patronage in vizag or any other place except Vijayawada.

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