Best way for stopping suicides of farmers?

After the new YSR Government came to power, the number of farmer suicides are increasing.

Do you have any proposal to keep this problem on hold?

Which is the best way for stopping suicides of farmers?

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Re: Best way for stopping suicides of farmers?

Postby sivaiah » June 12th, 2010, 2:11 pm

1> coming with a good scheme wich should make every farmer (family) to earn guarantee money for every month(like monthly salary).

2>solution for water problem
1>govt should find a technique to pull under ground water with minimum cost. for example making a bore with minimum cost
technique(in areas where there scarcity of under ground water) :
1>i think actual bore cost is 65 rupees/feet
1>because of disel cost,where amount of disel consumption is baesd on the diameter of the rod that is used for drillng

[u]what my idea is[/u]

initially putting a bore with small diameter(as much as possible) rod up to expected deep(expected cost as 30/feet).

if water is found
1> then finding a technique to get water from that hole
2>else putting a normal bore

i think this technique is usefull in areas where maximum bores fails

for example

let some farmer decided to put a bore in his garden
if two points are failed (say each of 200 feet )
1> then actual bore costs are 400*60=24000

2> new bore technique(wich govt should find) costs 400*30=12000

i think this is usefull in areas where there is scarcity for ground water.

(if u feel this is silly or time waste sorry....)[/b]

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