Tirumala Hills controversy

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How far - True the conversion

Postby prasadbbabu » January 31st, 2007, 11:42 pm

ved wrote:I agree most of what you said about religious conversions. Your description of pseudo-secular politicians is very apt. I also add secularism in India means, a mechanism to grab minority votes. Every political party in India exploits this. Look what TDP is trying to do now.

Coming back to Tirumala, I’ve seen reports of people caught distributing pamphlets for spreading Christianity. But this is like a drop in the bucket. I think people who are averse to YSR are raking this up out of proportion. It is very little to do with BJP who has hardly any followers in our state. They cannot even win one MP seat in AP, why bother. BTW, BJP is so anti-America now , a policy called ‘ye endaki aa godugu’. No party is different in that respect. If CPM comes to power, they will be pro-Amercia too ( you see the glimpses of that in West Bengal) and all others will be anti-America. However, I don’t want to test that theory.

Whether at hills or somewhere, is that True routinely people ar getting converted continuously?

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